My name is Tatiana Fonjah. I’ve always loved how clothes can express our personalities and how big of an impact our way to dress can affect the self-confidence we bring into a new day.

During 2018 I was in a business that bought and sold clothes from Asia but I realized quickly that it wasn’t my thing since basically everyone else was doing the same thing. My dream was to stand out and create my own kind of style with designs that customers would feel special wearing.

So, in October 2019 I launched Tattbrand where I design, sew and sell my own handmade designs to customers who wants to feel unique. With my custom size option you always get a perfect fit design since it’ll be based on your own measurements.

My goal is to design clothes that highlights your personality, that makes you stand out from the crowd. I want you to feel fearless and confident wearing my designs because Tattbrand is an identity you put on, it’s the real version of you, the version you Deserve to wear every day. 

I want to thank my early supporters who came up and voted for Tattbrand as the name of my business and brand, It’s spot on and I love it. I also want to thank my partner Jesper for helping me with marketing, copywriting, e-commerce related stuff and for being there for me as a supporter on good and bad days as we all have pursuing our dreams.

Believe in yourself and trust your process.

Tatiana Fonjah

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