Owner Tatiana Fonjah holds a measuring tape that's needed for her Custom Size option

Custom Size
 is the solution for a perfect fit design from me and Tattbrand. 

Back in 2011-2015 when I was wrestling for the Swedish Junior National Team I didn’t have a regular body shape and had trouble finding clothes from the standard size guide, especially pants. They had a good fit over my thighs but not in my waist.

Now when I sell my own clothes and have the opportunity to solve that problem for my customers as well, I decided to do it as an extra service to no extra cost since all my designs are handmade and cut out from scratch anyway.

So, if you want your order to be custom size based on your own body shape and measurements, use the ”how to measure yourself” guide and provide me with the measurements needed in checkout notes when placing your order. 

If you have questions regarding size, contact me and we’ll help you finding your size.

I'll always confirm all checkout notes with you before I start working on your order.

xx Tatiana Fonjah

Owner Tatiana Fonjah sewing Tattbrand's necklabel in place on her orange Unique Vibe Blazer

Owner Tatiana Fonjah have a big smile talking about why her Tattbrand exists today

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